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Southern Comfort Birmingham, Alabama

This massive, property needed a revamp. Currently, a huge horseshoe driveway dominates the entire front yard. To provide more lawn space I proposed a new pea gravel driveway with Belgian block edging that omits the imposing horseshoe portion. To make up for parking space lost from removing that portions I proposed a parking pad further up the driveway, close to the front door to provide a consolidated parking space for the homeowners. A network of flagstone pathways provide circulation from the parking pad as well as for those walking in the from the street. Starting at the garage, a basic network of pea gravel pathways were proposed to provide circulation. At the southern portion of the yard, I proposed a new patio to provide usable seating and entertainment space. A water fountain was included to help drown out the noise of the nearby freeway. Lastly, a traditional, formal planting design with boxwood edging, greenery, accents of white flowers, and patterned arrangements was incorporated to pay homage to the colonial architecture of the home. Overall the design has a highly functional for the clients’ needs while not compromising the classic Southern aesthetic.

Starkie - Montgomery, AL - Final Landscape Concept 6.2_edited.jpg
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