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Texas Trackhome Austin, Texas

A cute little design I did for a new build in Austin, TX.  I kept it simple with a dg outdoor eating space against the home, a dg fire pit area in the back of the lot, and a wood trellis block on the side of the porch to provide a sense of space and privacy. Stepping stones in decompposed granite off the back porch connect the dining area, as well as the lawn, and provide a place for a grill. Most importantly they will provide a landing point for the dogs to jump off of the porch when they have zoomies. By offering a solid landing point, areas of wear that would develop if that portion was lawn will be avoided. A combination of larger shrubs and trees layered with smaller plants line the entire fence line, providing privacy, seasonal interest, and shade. The selection of oaks, palms, and desert plants is unique to the climactic zone and honor a classic Texas identity. Angled bedlines edged in corten steel provide a contemporary touch and the gravel selection provides contrast to the decomposed granite and lawn areas.

Ayala Landscape Concept 11.8_edited.jpg
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